We have been working tirelessly to find a solution that would allow us to hold Falmouth Week from the 6th – 15th August 2021. Through extensive research and planning, and working in close collaboration with public health and organising bodies, we have worked to ensure that all aspects of Falmouth Week run as safely as possible.

Evening Entertainment

You can expect the following COVID-19 measures in place for evening entertainment of Falmouth Week which will take place over 3 evenings, Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August (organised by Southwest Bars and Events):

Red Arrows Display 11th August 2021 6.15pm

The Falmouth Town Team have continuously provided advice, support and initiatives for the business and resident communities as much as is possible throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We have installed sanitiser units, signage, and promotional literature around Falmouth, both in the town centre and across the seafront. The RAF Red Arrows display sees many people visit the town and seafront for the display, and therefore we will ensure that additional measures are in place for the event. Please see below for additional installs and logistics in relation to the event on the 11th August 2021:

Staff requirements: All staff working for the Red Arrows display are expected to wear face masks and maintain social distancing measures. Although the event is outside and this is no longer a legal requirement, to ensure the safety of all working we will ensure that this is a mandatory requirement for all involved. Lateral flow tests will also be done by all involved.

First Aid: There will be first aid provisions on site for the duration of the event.

Security: There will be security on hand to manage crowds and assist with the event. This includes 4X4 who will assist with any traffic management issues to ensure that there are no cars blocking crowds or causing disruptions.

Marshalls: There will be additional marshals for the duration of the event to also assist with the crowds of people across the multiple viewing points and to deal with any enquiries or concerns that members of the public may have.

Additional toilets: We have organised for there to be more toilets in addition to the toilet blocks at Gyllyngvase Beach and Swanpool Beach. There will be the following additional portaloos:
4 X portaloos at Gyllyngvase Beach
3 + 1 disabled X portaloos at Pendennis Point

Enhanced cleaning procedure: We have organised for a rigorous and enhanced cleaning procedure of the toilets – existing and additional – by Passmore Cleaning.

Multiple viewing points: Vantage points to witness the performance include Pendennis Point, Cliff Road, Castle Beach, Gyllyngvase Beach and Swanpool Beach. This gives people the opportunity to spread out across the numerous locations.

Sanitising units at the following locations
Free standing, Falmouth-branded foot pump sanitising units:
1) The Moor – on the lower end, close to Falmouth-branded information signage
2) Market Strand – adjacent to bus lay-by on Prince of Wales Pier
3) Prince of Wales Pier – outside the toilets at the top of the access ramp.
4) Church Corner – adjacent to King Charles the Martyr Church
5) Grove Place – adjacent to the public conveniences, left of the cash machine
6) The Dell – at the bottom of Falmouth Town Station ramp
7) Gyllyngvase Beach – on the left-hand side entrance to the beach

Falmouth branded sign-mounted sanitising units:
1) Quarry Car Park – adjacent to the ticket machine
2) Church Street Car Park – adjacent to the ticket machine
3) Custom House Quay – adjacent to the ticket machine
4) Well Lane Car Park – adjacent to the ticket machine
5) Kimberley Park – adjacent to the public conveniences (left hand side)
6) Swanpool Beach – opposite the public conveniences

Safety advisory messaging
Prior to the event
There will be comms going out prior to the 11th August advising on the following key messaging points:

  • Making use of the multiple viewing points
  • Staying within your groups/families
  • Using the sanitising stations around the town/viewing points
  • Consider use of a mask in busy crowded areas

All communication messages will be going out on social media and on the Falmouth Week website.

During the event
There will be a commentary taking place during the display. The PA will be set up in advance to the show and messaging will be distributed when required on the day prior to the display.

Please see back here for any further COVID-19 updates for various events, and in the meantime, click here to see all of the shoreside activities happening from the 6th – 15th August for Falmouth Week!