QUEEN Vs Fleetwood Bac

The world’s most exciting Queen tribute band VS Fleetwood Bac, who’s excited? I know we are!

The Bohemians take you on a high energy roller coaster ride of a concert, featuring the the iconic band QUEEN. Combine this with FLEETWOOD BAC, who are regarded as the UK’s most authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute show, endorsed by Mick Fleetwood himself, means we are in for an epic Saturday night event!

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We are so happy to be back for our amazing event 2021 Comic and movie fest. It’s not only amazing as it offers fun, guests, cosplay, but also because it raises much needed funds for our charity True Butterflies Foundation, more specifically children and families affected by domestic abuse.

Come join us, grab your cape and have some much needed fun. It all takes place in a huge marquee, so we are protected if it rains. More information to be announced in due course!

See more information on the event here.