Sunday 18th August 2019

  • Jethro Falmouth Week 2019

Jethro and The Oggymen

Bringing Falmouth Week to a close with the final night of shoreside entertainment, local legends Jethro and The Oggymen! You don't want to miss this spectacular Cornish show filled with comedy, shanties and plenty of laughs!

Tickets available here.

Brought to you by Southwest Bars and Events. 

Dragon Boat Racing: 10am onwards

Dragon boating is a fun filled, adrenaline pumping, water sports activity. Teams compete in Dragon Boats, which are large canoe-like vessels fitted with ornately carved dragon's heads and tails. Crews of up to 16 people sit in pairs and paddle to compete in multiple timed races over distances of around 250m. Each boat has a drummer beating time to keep the paddlers in unison and a professional helmsperson in the stern to guide the boat. 

Call 07718393087 or click here for more information.