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As you would expect from a site called Hot Tub Hideaways, we have a great passion for hot tubs, and getting away on breaks. However, while some sites will claim to love all of these things but not actually have an in-depth knowledge or genuine passion for hot tubs and short breaks, we are a little bit different.
I am John Devlin and I must admit that I love getting away with my family and I love spending time relaxing in a hot tub. It therefore makes sense that my ideal break would involve getting away with the people I love and having the chance to enjoy some relaxation or sociable time in a hot tub that we have to ourselves.
A hot tub hideaway is often the ideal holiday destination
Sadly, this has not always been easy, and over the years we have struggled to find suitable breaks that allow us to forget all about our aches and troubles while lazing around in a hot tub. I knew that I wouldn’t be the only person that felt this way, and I know that there had to be holiday destinations, resorts, lodges and holiday centers that would cater for my needs. I decided to go out looking for great destinations that would provide me with everything that I could want in a holiday and I decided that rather than keeping that information to myself, I would share it with others. After all, if a holiday destination offers the sort of break I enjoy, I want it to be a success so it remains in business, allowing me to return time and time again.
We want to provide you with the information and guidance
So that is the thinking behind the site, and why I got started with Hot Tub Hideaways. I spend a good deal of time tracking down the best holiday destinations but the site will be much better if other people provide an input and information. If you have enjoyed an excellent break with your own private hot tub in your resort, please let us know and we will be more than happy to share it with others. If you run a holiday resort or you welcome guests while providing them with the opportunity to indulge in their own private hot tub, please let us know because we would be delighted to share it with other people.
The three main type of destinations that are relevant for hot tub fans are:
Lodges with Hot Tubs
Cottages with Hot Tubs
Log Cabins with Hot Tubs

These destinations provide their own unique hot tub holiday experience and there is a lot to appreciate about the different options on offer. When it comes to finding the perfect hot tub hideaway for your break, the team at Hot Tub Hideaways will do our best to provide the best news and reviews of as many relevant destinations as we possibly can. We are always on the lookout for new destinations, so if you know of anything that is likely to be of interest, please get in touch.